Implants, Veneers, Bonding, Crowns & Overlays



Implants, Veneers, Bonding, Crowns,
and Overlays


An Implant is an artificial tooth that is permanently implanted in the patient mouth in the place of a missing tooth. In the past Implants were considered a risky procedure. However, recently Implants have improved to the point that they now give very predictable results and are recognized as fully safe. If a tooth is missing, or if there is a need to replace a partial denture, then Implants are the right choice. The implant treatment is performed in coordination with a local implant specialist.


Porcelain veneers are the recommended means to change shape, color, repair chipping, or to rebuild broken front teeth. A veneer is simply a porcelain that covers the tooth, that can bridge small gaps between tooth, and that can provide natural color for the tooth. Sometimes veneers are used as an alternative for braces to resolve small orthodontic problems. Veneers are also utilized to provide a near perfect smile for the most of Hollywood Stars.


Bonding is covering the front surface of teeth with durable plastic in order to change the tooth shape or color, or to rebuild a broken tooth. Bonding is similar to porcelain veneer but is not as strong. It is the low-cost way to improve the person's smile. Bonding is ideal for children having chipped front teeth, as well as for adults who need an a low cost tooth repair.


Crowns, called also Caps, are the common method for rebuilding damaged tooth. Capping is nothing else as building a false tooth on the base of an existing, usually damaged, tooth. It is the most ancient dentistry method for teeth repair.


Overlays, called also Inlays/Onlays, are tooth-colored restorations that are used in place of silver fillings on the chewing surfaces of back teeth. Because they are tooth-colored, they are virtually indistinguishable from real teeth.