Mission Statement.



Dental disease is entirely preventable!

We have, simply stated, two problems with our teeth: decay and gum disease.

Both are caused by the same thing that is by an excessive amount of bacteria gathering around our teeth and releasing excessive amounts of toxins, which lead to the dreaded dental disease.

We know that if we remove the accumulations of debris from around our teeth on a daily basis, we do not have dental disease. Good home care habits can virtually assure every person the good dental health for a lifetime. Good home care habits combined with new technology - such as regular cleanings and thorough dental examinations - make for a very healthy mouth.

In our practice we tell our families the following, "Let us see your children twice a year beginning when they are around three years old and we will get them out of high school with no cavities." We will teach them how to clean and to remove the disease causative factors from their mouths on a daily basis. We will need your help for the first several years in assisting your children in their development of the proper skill levels.

We are successful in this endeavor and want to share our success with you.