New Era of Prevention



New Era of Prevention

A change has occurred in our dental practice philosophy over the past several years. We have always believed that people can keep their teeth for a lifetime and that our responsibility to patients extended beyond "fixing teeth." The best repairs we make are a poor substitute for a natural, healthy tooth. But our work will fail if your dental disease is not controlled-BY YOU.

We have identified our primary service as that of the teacher. We have learned ideas, concepts and techniques which will be presented to you in our Preventive Program and which you can put to use in controlling your disease, improving your health and lowering the stress in your life.

We welcome you to the new era of preventive dentistry. Dentistry has changed a lot, and we believe you will like what we do. We are pleased to meet and help you. Your introductory visit will consist of us listening to you and examining your dentition and related structures. Our goal is to assist you in solving any immediate problem or concern. We can then begin to plan for your future dental health. You need never lose any useful teeth. You need never worry about pain and suffering while in our care.

A lifetime program - If our concept of dental care sounds good to you, and we hope that it does, we will begin a long- term cooperative program of prevention and correction. Our goal will be a lifetime of attractive appearance, comfortable chewing, and lower dental repair costs. You will be playing the leading role with us as the supporting cast. It may take some time to achieve all that we want, but following a pre-planned course with each of us doing our part, we can look forward to a lifetime of good dental health for you and your family.

We will be successful, and some wise person stated: " Success is not a destination it is a journey." Thank you very much for the time you have spent learning more about us. Now, we will begin learning more about you.